Was excited to check Google GWT 1.6, I decided to try an example application using the same. But hit a road block when I got stuck when I needed more advanced features, so had to look at ExtGWT or GWT-Ext, was confused as to what to use. GWT-Ext is maintained by Sanjiv Jivan and uses ExtJS, and ExtGWT (GXT) is from the makers of ExtJS.I decided to move on ExtGWT, I made this choice based on that I would always put a bet on some company product than an individual,purely my decision. Though, GWT-Ext seemed so viable and tempting option.


  1. We tried GWT specifically GXT but had some issues so shifted to JQuery. In our requirement we needed to double click on a table in row and go to record details. The developer who was working on this said that there are lot of problems in achieving this. I dont know exactly what were the problems. I guess the component was not supporting double click. But the same think was very easily achieved using JQuery. Also we had one more requirement where in we had editable grid. Grid itself was very complicated with lots of other components embedded in it (drop down, spinner time control etc.) This was also difficult to make using GWT than JQuery. I hate the RPC mechanism which GWT uses, but love the desktop like feeling that GWT applications gives for web application.Its easy to develop as we are using core java for developing the app. Also i guess the CSS has some problems, i am not sure abt this.

  2. These days I am evaluating RIA frameworks to provide a rich UI for one of my projects. The most commonly used widget in any application is the grid with support for filtering sorting, caching,reordering of rows,paging and lazy loading of records in the grid on page navigation. Wanted to know how well does JQuery support this.

  3. I didnt get reply from Vijay or anyone, the other day I read on that SmartGWT 1.1 is being released; its again maintained by Sanjiv Jivan and a couple of others. SmartGWT is based on the SmartClient library. It is GWT API's for the SmartClient.For those who dont know there is also SmartGWT for enterprise.


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